Park Application Process

Manufactured Mobile Home Park Application Process Explained

When contracting to purchase a manufactured home or mobile home, the State of Florida requires the purchaser(s) to complete a park application. The park application is a process of checking the criminal background and credit of the prospective purchasers (park applicants).

All contracts of sale are contingent upon all applicants having satisfactory community application approval. The park office will either notify the applicant(s) personally of their approval or disapproval or in some instances will notify the agent. Since the contract of sale is contingent upon park application approval, if the purchaser is not approved by park management, the escrow deposit placed with the contract of sale is refunded to the purchaser. If the purchaser application is approved by management, the escrow deposit is applied toward the purchase price.

The application processing time can vary from community to community, from one business day to several business days.